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There are few things more moving than an epic concert. At the climax of any great show the audience is left standing and cheering as the band walks off the stage. The crowd then reaches a fever pitch, chanting encore. It is in that moment that the audience is in complete unison and asking for more, more music, more passion, more feeling, and more emotion.


I believe our worship to God should exceed the passion that takes place at the greatest concerts in history. However, the reality is that we tend to put more emotional energy into a sporting event or show than we do during our weekly service but God deserves our praise. I think one of the reason we do not worship God to our full potential is that we do not know how to worship or even why we worship.


Sunday July 21 and July 28 we start a conversation about why we worship God and how we worship God.


Join us Sunday July 21 and 28 for ENCORE