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Through this four week conversation, we are seeking to build stronger families, relationships, marriages and communities.


Join us for #stronger

wk 1 Family

wk 2 Marriage

wk 3 Relationships

wk 4 Community



We all have a very different background and come to the conversation with different views of family. The word family alone conjures up very different meanings for each of us. Some are coming to the conversation with divorce, blended, single parent, or single in general. Regardless of where you are at in your life, family is a factor.


Nov. 8 Everyone is Dysfunctional

Nov. 15 Trust is Critical

Nov. 22 Gratitude is Necessary

Nov. 29 Family is a Blessing


Through this series we are going to explore what it means to be a part of family.



It’s sort of a silly. After all, you and your mom can celebrate it whenever you want, not when everyone else tells you to.

However, Mother’s Day is more than a commercial exercise. This is an opportunity to celebrate Mom because any excuse to express gratitude is a good one.


Come celebrate MOM with us at Hamilton Life Church Sunday May 11 2014

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Cromwell rd

Chattanooga, TN 37421