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I am very excited about starting a new Sermon series July 7 on Positivity.


One of the greatest challenge I face daily is the challenge to be positive. It is very difficult to be a positive person because our world offers us plenty of reasons to be negative. However, I notice that when I  have a positive outlook on things, my actions, words, and thoughts are dramatically different than when I have a negative perspective. The symbol positive symbol is the + sign which indicates to us that something has been added. The very opposite is true too, the symbol for negative is a – sign which indicates that something has been removed from our lives. Negativity seems to contaminate our thinking which translates into our actions and speech. It takes something away from us. However, Positivity adds value back to our lives.


The challenge you and I face is setting the tone and changing the climate in our environment. We have to refuse to allow others to cause us to be negative and help those around us realize the reason we are positive people.  We must purpose in our hearts to find the positive in everything. I am not advocating that we burry our heads in the sand and pretend the world is a perfect place but that we choose to speak positivity when negativity tends to come all to easy. I want us to remain positive because we have HOPE. Hope believes in a positive outcome regardless of the circumstances. Though things may look dark, we know the hope we have in Jesus Christ.


Join me July 7 as we begin the 14 day challenge to be people of positivity.

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