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If you volunteer in any capacity at HLC or you are interested in volunteering, make plans to join us Sunday February 24 from 6-8pm


We are asking that you bring a food item or dessert, you can sign up at the communication table in the church lobby.

FINAL HVH bumper from HamiltonLife on Vimeo.


most everyone you meet say they KNOW Jesus but there is a big difference between knowing about Jesus and knowing Jesus in your heart. HEAD VS HEART


In this new series we will explore the battle we fight to relentlessly pursue holiness in our every days live. We should all come to a place where we move from a head knowledge of Jesus Christ to a heart knowledge. Join us February 17 & 24

The longer I am in the great city of Chattanooga the more I am learning to love this city. It has so much to offer!


Our church has committed to reaching this city through love. It is important that we understand our mission as a church and that we realize how important of a role we all play in what God is doing at HamiltonLife. As you walk the streets, my prayer is that you will begin to see the people here as God sees them. Lets love this city together.