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HLC Kids

HLC Kids

Kids are a BIG deal.

At HLC KIDS, Your kids will be cared for by our committed, experienced educators and volunteers who are passionate about creating a safe, fun and encouraging environment. This party atmosphere is prime for helping your kids understand that being in church is fun. We believe your students should leave each week being able to answer the questions, Did you have fun and what did you learn?


First time guests.

You’ll want to come about 15 minutes early so that you can fill out an info card. This adds your child to the parent call list to ensure your child’s safety.


Sunday Mornings Eleven am.

Sundays at eleven am your child will enter through the Lobby where you can check them in. They will then interact with other kids, their group leader, learn about Jesus and other age-appropriate activities. HLC KIDS happens every Sunday during our 11:00 am service.