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Capriccio (kuh-pree-chee-oh) is an Italian word that describes a lively piece of music, free in form, that shows musical skill. It is a musical composition that doesn’t adhere to rules or any specific form and is played with improvisation. This defines the mentality behind our academy in that we are committed to working with you and your child at their skill level and desires for freedom in expression through music.

Capriccio Academy offers music instruction for those interested in learning piano, voice, guitar, clarinet, or drums. Lessons consist of a 30-minute session that includes music theory, performance, and improvisation. We believe that music is an art form that is used for expression of self.

What We Offer

  • 30-minute weekly private instruction (45 min. for piano & voice instruction)
  • Music theory training
  • Traditional and non-traditional methods of training
  • 11-week semesters
  • 2 annual recitals w/guest performers
  • Master and worship classes each semester
  • Instruction tailored specifically to the student
  • Open door policy
  • Community Recitals
  • Music Company T-shirt


Contract & Policies

  • Tuition:
    • $275.00 per semester for private lessons (30-minute session)
      • Payable to teacher at the beginning of each semester
    • $330.00 per semester for piano and voice (45-minute session)
      • Payable to teacher at the beginning of each semester
    • $35.00 registration fee first student ($15.00 each additional child)
      • Payable to Capriccio Academy of Performing Arts (CAPA)
    • $30.00 administration fee per family
      • Payable to Capriccio Academy of Performing Arts (CAPA)
      • Waived for all Hamilton Life Church members
    • Absences:
      • Please provide a 24-hour notice of absence if you cannot attend a lesson.
      • There will be a monthly make-up day that will be posted on the website. Please choose a time and communicate that with your teacher.
    • Refunds:
      • No refunds or adjustments for student absenteeism, early withdrawals, or registration fee. It is our desire that all students continue lessons for the entire school year, however, if for any reason you choose to drop at the close of a semester, please notify your teacher at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the new semester. If a student drops out for a period of time due to sports, etc. but has intentions of returning to lessons, please understand that our academy cannot guarantee the same time or spot will be available upon return, however, we will make every intention to be flexible and accommodating.
    • Weather Policy:
      • Never assume that lessons are cancelled due to bad weather but always check with your teacher or the director, Jami Killian 423-883-6362, if there is any doubt. If weather conditions are such that everyone is affected, the make-up day will be used for this purpose.
    • Holidays:
      • Capriccio Academy does not necessarily follow school holidays, teacher work days or school closings please see the website or communicate with your teacher.
    • Instruments:
      • All instrumentalists must provide their own instruments with the exception of pianist and keyboardist.
    • Supplies:
      • A (music only) notebook for assignments should be brought to each
      • Students are responsible for purchasing all lesson books and materials. If your private teacher supplies any materials, you will need to reimburse them directly. If you have a particular piece that you are interested in working on, your teacher will be able to contact the director for purchase of sheet music.
      • Be purposeful about bringing all music, instruments, and notebooks to all lessons as it is vital to your progress through the academy.
    • Open-Door Policy:
      • Parents are welcome and encouraged to observe any and/or all lessons.